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A PR article consists of the headline, lead paragraph, image and the main text with the main image. A PR text may also contain further complementary images.

It is necessary to deliver the PR text at least three work days (72 hours) before its scheduled publishing. The text must be assessed by the editorial office (or the product manager for the given respective service) to allow extra time for solving problems in case of any objections to the content or the design of the text.

Before you produce

The advertisement must meet the general rules for creating the advertising formats. Before you send us your finished ad to deploy, please check the allowable max. data size and dimensions. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us.

Technical specifications

Binding rules

  1. The article must not contain any misleading headlines (e.g. The celebrity XY saved my life by giving me a donation“, etc.).
  2. If the article contains a fictitious/invented story, the following note has to be included at the end of the text:
    This text has not been created by the editors. This is a commercial text, which has been created to promote real products or services. The story in this article may be fictitious (invented).
  3. The article may not contain capitals (except for the cases described in the general rules for text advertisements).
  4. The whole text must not be highlighted in bold letters or in italics. (This sort of highlighting may only be used for important words or sentences.)
  5. Neither the headline nor the opening part of the article may be highlighted in bold letters or italics.
  6. Only one exclamation mark may appear in the headline at the most.
  7. The main image of the article must not contain any text, logos, naked body parts or any sexually explicit content.


Headline Text | 60 characters (including spaces)
Subtitle Text | 60 characters (including spaces)
Article Text | 2500 characters (including spaces)
Lead paragraph Text | 100 characters (including spaces)
Main photo Image (JPG) | width min. 900 px, width max. 8000 px with 16:9 aspect ratio | up to 5 MB
Description of the main photo Text | 125 characters (including spaces)
Photo of trailer Image (JPG) | 600×337 px | up to 100 kB
Additional photos Image (JPG) | width or height min. 900 px, width or height max. 8000 px | up to 5 MB
Description of the additional photos Text | 125 characters (including spaces)
Video MP4, AVI | up to 500 MB
Video preview photo Image (JPG) | 16:9 aspect ratio| up to 5 MB


  1. It is not possible to change the content of a PR article after its publication.
  2. Editors generally accepts a maximum of 3 minor text edits (eg, sentence completion, exchange photos, edit the title, etc.).
  3. URL links within an article can be automatically changed to the "monitoring URL" (e.g.: http://i.media.cz/?destination=destinationURL).
  4. The location of URL must be stated in the text documentation.
  5. The maximum number of URL links is 7 in one text.
  6. Remarketing tags are accepted only from Sklik system.
  7. During the publication and archiving article does not allow any modifications. Possible exceptions are for editorial approval.

Notes to the text

  1. The final length of the text is approximately 1 A4 page.
  2. The topic of the text must correspond with the chosen section.
  3. The client approves of the final version of the text before its publishing.
  4. The headline and the lead paragraph must not contain any URL addresses, addresses for monitoring statistics, or images.
  5. No subtitle should follow under the lead paragraph. (The body of the text thus may not start with a subtitle.)
  6. It is not permitted to use usual abbreviations, such as: etc. (and so on), e.g. (for instance), h (hours), etc. Abbreviations such as names of states, political parties, organisations and other abbreviations commonly used in the media (USA, NASA, AIDS, etc.) are an exception.
  7. The name of the company or the product may appear in the headline.
  8. No excessive punctuation should be used in the headline, e.g. smileys, three dots. The use of other non-standard symbols ©, ®, ¦, ™ or multiple use of exclamation marks is not permitted.
  9. The pragraph length must not exceed 700 characters (including spaces).

Notes to the photos

  1. The main image is a part of the text, it has no click-through and it must be thematically associated with the article (no banner visual).
  2. The maximum of three various complementary images are recommended for a regular PR article.
  3. The client indicates the position of each complementary photograph in the delivered draft version of the text, as well as a caption for each photograph, inclusive of its source. The maximum length of the image caption is 125 characters inclusive of spaces.
  4. Each photo must be properly credited, meaning that the owner of the rights must be mentioned for each photo included in the article.

External display code

Not permitted.

External monitoring of impressions

Permitted in compliance with the rules as monitoring Javascript or URL with 1x1 px monitoring image. (Only for an article trailer.)