Videospot – přeskočitelnýSuper.cz

The provided video is embedded in a player on the Seznam.cz service of choice, where all the features like viewing, playing, streaming and clickthrough events are handled. It is also possible to deliver a video through a URL address pointing to a VAST XML feed, which provides the source video file, handles clickthrough events and tracking.

Before you produce

The advertisement must meet the general rules for creating the advertising formats. Before you send us your finished ad to deploy, please check the allowable max. data size and dimensions. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us.

Technical specifications


XML (VAST) – interactive VPAID


720p (e.g. 1280×720 px with 16:9 aspect ratio)

Maximum data size

100 MB (if a video file is provided)

Maximum video length

60 seconds



Design requirements

Advertising may not contain foreign-language texts (only Czech allowed).


When using a VAST XML, the maximum data size is decided by the external partner responsible for generating it.

External display code

Allowed only as a VAST XML URL according to the rules.

External monitoring of impressions

If a video file (MP4) is provided, one URL address pointing to a 1×1 px monitoring image is allowed according to the rules. When using an external video (VAST XML URL), the monitoring is only allowed as a part of the VAST XML.

Additional information

If a video file (MP4) is provided, the external monitoring URL can measure these events using a 1×1 px monitoring image: views (impressions), skipping and playback completion.

You can verify that the video is working correctly in the Seznam.cz player using the External video checker.