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Advertising consists of two creatives: Branding On and Branding Off. When the page is loaded, creative Branding Off is displayed. After pressing the button (switch) is displayed creative Branding On (pressed again displays creative Branding Off).

Before you produce

The advertisement must meet the general rules for creating the advertising formats. Before you send us your finished ad to deploy, please check the allowable max. data size and dimensions. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us.

Technical specifications of Branding On and Branding Off


Image (JPG, PNG, GIF)


2560×1440 px (width × height)

Maximum data size

500 kB (in case HTML5 max. 600 kB)

Requirements concerning design

  1. Graphics must fill the entire space of creative 2560×1440 px, including the space that will be overlaid page. If you need to fill covered space with color (usually white or black), it is necessary to keep a minimum safe distance of 100 px from the border inwards – see example.
  2. The main message must be located in the Top creative at the top in a space of 1366x720 px (see example). In the area outside the main message must not be any texts and logos (the photo as background is allowed).
  3. Creative Branding Off may contain simple animation only at the top in a space of 1366×720 pixels. In creative Branding On is allowed animation over the whole surface.
  4. Text in creatives must occupy a maximum of 1/2 of the total visible area.


  1. The button (switch) location is arbitrary within a visible area of ​​1366 × 720 px.
  2. It is necesarry to send us the correct button dimesnions and its coordinates in pixels (as explained in the Example above).
  3. Advertising can be used to start the animation and short sound effect (in this case it is necessary to modify button to include an icon "loudspeaker").
  4. If you are preparing Image format it is necessary to deliver both creative (On Branding, Branding Off). The button function are handled automatically depending on the graphics jumper location.
  5. If you are preparing HTML5 format it is necessary to deliver a ZIP archive that contains both creative (On Branding, Branding Off) with their own definition of a button. It is necessary to observe the HTML5 Specification.
  6. Advertising can have only one click-through.
  7. Rich Media metrics are measured automatically when using the Image format. If you need to use Rich Media metrics inside of an HTML5 banner, it is necessary to implement the measuring events manually.

External display code

Not permitted.

External monitoring of impressions

Permittedin compliance with the rules only one URL with 1×1 px monitoring image.

Additional information

You can verify the correct placement of text, logotypes and other graphical elements using our tool for Verifying visible zones.