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Advertising consists of two creatives that are displayed over each other. User Move your finger across the screen reveals the top creative until the bottom display creative.

Before you produce

The advertisement must meet the general rules for creating the advertising formats. Before you send us your finished ad to deploy, please check the allowable max. data size and dimensions. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us.

Technical specifications


Image (JPG, PNG, GIF – not animated)


480×480 px

Maximum data size

100 kB

Requirements concerning design

Creatives have to be sufficiently visually distinguishable from the page content, e.g. by frame, color of its background, etc. The frame and/or the background should be straight and even, not warped, distorted, or otherwise modified.


It is necessary to deliver both creatives to run advertisement.

External display code

Not permitted.

External monitoring of impressions

Permitted in compliance with the rules URL with 1×1 px monitoring image.