Základní desktop bannerové formáty (RTB)

Before you produce

The advertisement must conform to Seznam.cz’s general rules for preparation of advertisement formats. Before you start your advertisement, please make sure you do not intend to use on Seznam.cz RTB inventory to promote illicit or limited content.

Technical specifications


Image (JPG, GIF)


120×600 px / 160×600 px / 300×50 px / 300×250 px / 300×300 px / 300×600 px / 320×100 px / 480×300 px / 728×90 px / 970×210 px / 970×310 px (width × height)

Maximum data size

100 kB (in case HTML5 max. 200 kB)


  1. Animation is not limited in length; however, it is not recommended to exceed a length of 30 seconds if good user experience is desired.
  2. On homepage Seznam.cz is not allowed using animated creative.