Mobilní InterscrollerNovinky.cz

The advertisement consists of a single creative. The user uncovers parts of the creative by swiping across the screen and scrolling the page.

Before you produce

The advertisement must meet the general rules for creating the advertising formats. Before you send us your finished ad to deploy, please check the allowable max. data size and dimensions. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us.

Technical specifications


Image (JPG, PNG, GIF – not animated)


720×1280 px (width x height)

Maximum data size

200 kB

Requirements concerning design

The main message must be placed in the 700×920 px (see example). No text and logotypes should be interfered with in the space outside of the main message (photo as background is allowed).

External display code

Not permitted.

External monitoring of impressions

Permitted in compliance with the rules as monitoring Javascript or URL with 1x1 px monitoring image.

Additional information

You can verify the correct placement of text, logotypes and other graphical elements using our tool for Verifying visible zones.