Videospot (TV)Televize Seznam

The video is included in the TV broadcast.

Before you produce

The advertisement must meet the general rules for creating the advertising formats. Before you submit your finished advertisement, please make sure to check all the the required technical parameters. Along with the advertisement itself, it is also necesarry to supply its AKA code, which is required to broadcast the videospot. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Technical specifications





Data transfer rate



1080i (e.g. 1920×1080 px with 16:9 aspect ratio)

Frame rate

25 fps

Video signal

ITU-R BT.709

Sound mixx

EBU R128

Sound level normalization

-23 LUFS (in the integration measurement mode)

Maximum allowed audio modulation value

-1 dBTP

Audio signal STEREO

Audio tracks must be in the order A1 = L (left channel), A2 = R (right channel)

Audio signal MONO

It must be the same in both A1 and A2 channels. Modulations A1 and A2 must not be in opposite phase

Time shift (offset)

It can not exceed 60 ms in case of sound overrun, or 100 ms when sound is behind the picture

Time code (TC)

It must be recorded throughout the recording starting at 00:00:00:00 (hh:mm:ss:ff)

Partitioning part

Videospot must contain 5 black frames at its end (5f)

Maximum data size

Without limits

Maximum video length

60 seconds


The preferred form of video delivery is through an external AdStream partner. An alternative is the use of any public storage (e.g. Uschovna, Wetransfer, etc.) or delivery on a physical data carrier (e.g. USB disk, DVD, etc.).