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The video automatically plays once without sound. If the user clicks the "unmute" icon, the sound starts playing. After the movie, video can be replayed by clicking on "Přehrát znovu" button (Play again). The user gets redirected to the target website by clicking anywhere in the advertisement space.

Technical specifications




720p (e.g. 720×720 px with 1:1 aspect ratio / 1280x720 px with 16:9 aspect ratio)

Maximum data size

100 MB (if a video file is provided)

Maximum video length

60 seconds



Design requirements

Advertising may not contain foreign-language texts (only Czech allowed).


  1. The Outstream display is frequency-restricted twice per cookie for 24 hours.
  2. When using a VAST XML, the maximum data size is decided by the external partner responsible for generating it.
  3. For external monitoring of impressions, it is necessary to separately provide a URL for 1×1 px monitoring image (this URL must not be a part of the VAST XML file). If the monitoring image is included in the VAST, it measures the start of video playback, not the impression.

External display code

Allowed only as a VAST XML URL according to the rules, without the use of VPAID and OMID technologies.

External monitoring of impressions

Permitted in compliance with the rules URL with 1×1 px monitoring image.

Additional information

If a video file (MP4) is provided, the external monitoring URL can measure these events using a 1×1 px monitoring image: views (impressions), playback start, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 (playback completion), unmuting and clickthrough.

You can verify that the video is working correctly in the Seznam.cz player using the External video checker.