For Image banner is supported redirect to one URL. If the Image banner contain more clicks (for some positions it is not possible, you may check beforehand), it must be added together with the Image banner HTML code - ie. Image Clickable map.

Technical specifications

Banners in Image format

  1. are accepted only in JPG, PNG or GIF (unless stated otherwise)
  2. must not exceed the maximum data size for the specific type of banner
  3. must be designed in RGB (not CMYK)
  4. should have a 72 dpi resolution
  5. do not have to have a border to separate them visually from the page (border will be filled in automatically)


It is not possible to use these animated creatives on some servers.

Technical specifications of Image Clickable map

Image banner with HTML code (clickable map) must be submitted as a single .zip archive. It must contain the Image file (eg. JPG) and HTML code stored in a text file with a .txt extension.

Source download

HTML code example

<map name="map__SPOTID__">
	<area href="__CLICKTHRU0__" target="__TARGET__" shape="rect" coords="25, 27, 275, 165">
	<area href="__CLICKTHRU1__" target="__TARGET__" shape="rect" coords="25, 185, 275, 325">
	<area href="__CLICKTHRU2__" target="__TARGET__" shape="rect" coords="25, 345, 275, 485">
	<area href="__CLICKTHRU3__" target="__TARGET__" shape="rect" coords="25, 507, 275, 575">
<img src="__CREATIVE0__" usemap="#map__SPOTID__" width="__WIDTH0__" height="__HEIGHT0__" 
style="border: 1px solid #d0d0d0;">

Correct functionality

In the HTML code needed to use variables: __CLICKTHRU0__, __CREATIVE0__, __WIDTH0__, __HEIGHT0__ like. HTML code must be prepared according to the template source files for download.