General rules for creation of ad formats

The following rules should serve as a guideline for creation of advertisements and the compliance with these rules is an essential prerequisite to ensure the approval and launching of the ad format via our advertising system. The compliance with the rules also facilitates the whole process of launching an advertisement.

Any exemptions must always be solved individually. The solutions for special types of advertisements should always be found in cooperation with our experts from Seznam.cz (The contact will be provided by our sales representative, who is in charge of the ad in question).

Unless stated differently, the following rules shall apply to all types of advertising formats.


  1. Advertisement content should be horizontal, readable from left to right without tilting or rotating through 180 °.
  2. The advertisement must not include any sounds, with the exception of videobanners.
  3. All the interactive functions of the banner may be launched after hovering the cursor over the banner for at least 1 second.
  4. The advertisement must not exceed the permitted data limits.
  5. The creatives in HTML format (and the included elements) must not exceed the set data limits for the given format.
  6. The size of the advertisement has to match the dimensions for the requested position.
  7. The target URL must comply with the following rules.
  8. Advertisements delivered via external code have to fulfill the Rules for Use of External Codes.